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Website Design Bristol: Inspirational City Creations

Rich Purdon
14/02/13 - RichP

Bristol, located in the south west of England, has been home to designers, developers and creative minds for centuries and attracts hundreds more each year. Once you live here it is easy to see what draws them in, with Cabot Tower ever present in the skyline to the north, Isambard Kingdom Brunel’s Clifton Suspension Bridge spanning the Avon Gorge and numerous streets of eye-catching design from the intricate and traditional Cathedral and Great Gatehouse to the more recent works by Banksy adorning various buildings. Widely known as one of the greenest cities in the UK, inspiration is easy to come by in Bristol where you are never far from the waterfront and the history that comes with it, such as the SS Great Britain, just a few hundred yards from our offices and the HQ of Somerset Design.

One of the key themes running through the city’s impressive artworks is that of design for purpose. The architectural wonders are not follies or vanity pieces, they were built as fortified gatehouses to protect residents, or vital routes for transport that saved time and horses wasted by lengthy descents and climbs. The SS Great Britain, now a major tourist attraction in Bristol, was designed as a transatlantic ship, the first to combine an iron hull and screws on such a large scale.

Design for purpose is something we believe in as well, without detracting from art for art’s sake, as the balance of form and functionality is something we apply to all of our projects from logo design to software development. Our website design in Bristol is motivated by the same desire to streamline the user experience and provide a faster, more secure and more efficient service that looks and performs in a way that exceeds expectations. 

Being located in the centre of Bristol also gives us plenty of opportunities to practice our photography and digital image manipulation. Although a great deal of our work is based around 3D virtual models and product photography, part of the creativity in our web design comes from adapting images of the countryside, landscapes and cityscapes that can be stitched together and adjusted to provide stunning backdrops to your business.

Elements of these surroundings often form part of the inspiration for product designs, such as the blue glass of Harvey’s sherry becoming a key theme of the Harvey’s Cellars site just as the bottle contains the fine sherry, or the English countryside background of Ecohaus UK creating green and pleasant land for the UK franchise and showcasing the ‘construction’ of the functional site. So just like the City of Bristol in the heart of the soft green hills of the southwest inspires us, we hope our sites inspire visitors and customers alike to appreciate the aesthetics of design for purpose as well.


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