When it comes to e-commerce, our philosophy is an extension of the same thinking that guides all of the websites we build. It needs to serve the user, working intuitively to make locating the product, adding it to the basket and completing the transaction one seamless experience.

One of the key modules at the heart of our Content Management System is the shop module, which allows admins to quickly add or change products on sale, creating new categories, special offers and promotions in just a few clicks. Shipping costs can just as easily be added and edited, helping you to monitor and update your business regularly.

It’s easy for you to manage your products, but the system has enough power and flexibility to cope with every type of online shopping scenario, as well as maintaining your corporate brand and identity to help you stand out and encourage repeat business from your customers.

"Communications is at the heart of e-commerce"

-Meg Whitman, former CEO, Ebay

For the user, purchasing is perhaps one of the most important times for the website to work perfectly. At the point where someone is about to buy from you, any interruption can mean the loss of a conversion to sale and loss to your business. We have refined our purchasing system over the years to ensure category and product pages work smoothly across all browsers and platforms, including mobile which is increasing its market share of e-commerce every year. 

The e-commerce module is also designed to help you reach your target audience and uses integrated schema and micro data tagging to help search engines find the relevant information for your products including prices and reviews. 


Payment Gateway and Stock Control

Our e-commerce system is designed to offer a complete range of features and integrate with any Payment Gateway and a huge range of third-party apps. If you are unsure about setting up an e-commerce business, we can guide you through the process and recommend a choice of several payment gateways such as PayPal. 

We also offer an integrated stock control system as part of our e-commerce module to give you peace of mind when selling online.

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