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Top 10 Website Design Trends of 2023: Part 1

Mel Rush
08/05/23 - Mel

The web is constantly evolving and with it evolves website design trends.  These trends reflect the changing preferences of web users and advancements in technology.  Here are the first five big trends we’re watching for 2023. 


1. Dark Mode

Dark-themed websites continue to gain popularity due to their sleek and modern aesthetic, as well as reduced eye strain.

Dark mode refers to using a dark colour scheme, often with black or dark grey backgrounds for websites. It provides a sleek and modern look while reducing eye strain, especially in low-light environments. Dark mode is increasingly popular, and many websites, applications, and operating systems now offer this option. Examples include Apple's latest macOS and iOS, which introduced system-wide dark mode, and popular social media apps which provide dark mode settings.


A lovely dark-themed website that we designed

Website employing a dark theme

Last Orders (  We designed this website with dark backgrounds and lighter text to reflect a certain ambience.  It has the benefit of being easy to view in the lower light environments of its target market. 


2. Minimalist Design

Clean and simple layouts with ample white space and minimal elements are favoured for their focus on content and ease of navigation.

Minimalist design is a popular approach that prioritizes simplicity, clean lines, and lots of white space in web design. It aims to create a visually clean and uncluttered interface by removing unnecessary elements and distractions.  Good minimalist design is simple and clear.  It utilises flat design principles, resulting in a visually pleasing experience.

Podpak ( Podpak’s website adopts a minimalist design approach with a clean layout, clear typography, and generous white space. The interface focuses on essential elements, providing a straightforward experience for users.


3. Bold and Vibrant Colours

Web designers are increasingly incorporating bold and vibrant colour schemes to craft visually captivating websites. These colour palettes often feature saturated hues, colour gradients, and duotones. By leveraging bold colours, websites can make a striking impression, evoke emotions, and reinforce their brand identities.


A great website that makes use of vibrant colour

Use of colour on a website

Raise Now ( We included lots of colours and gradients to define space and attract attention to sections of this site.

To read a little bit more about the use of colour and layout read our article about how users view websites.


4. Custom Illustrations and Icons

Hand-drawn illustrations and custom icons add personality, uniqueness, and brand identity to websites. They can create a distinct visual style, reinforce brand messaging, and differentiate websites from competitors. 


Custom illustrations at work in the wild

Website using hand drawn icons

Noisy Little Monkey (  Our design of the “What do you need help with?” section features unique hand-drawn icons that add character to what could otherwise be a dull section of text.  The illustrated shapes throughout the site add vibrancy and guide the user to content.


5. Sustainability

Sustainability and eco-friendly design in web design refer to practices and design choices that prioritize environmental considerations and try to minimize the carbon footprint of websites.

Energy Efficiency: Sustainable web design focuses on reducing the energy consumption associated with running websites. This can be achieved by optimizing code and assets to minimize file sizes, reducing server requests, and utilizing efficient hosting infrastructure. By optimizing website performance, energy consumption can be reduced, leading to a more sustainable digital footprint.

Minimalist Design: Minimalist design principles, such as clean layouts and simple interfaces, contribute to sustainability by reducing overall resource consumption. By avoiding excessive graphics, animations, and unnecessary elements, websites can have faster loading times, lower data transfer requirements, and improved energy efficiency.

Sustainable Messaging: Websites can incorporate eco-friendly messaging to raise awareness and encourage sustainable practices among users. This can include promoting recycling, energy conservation, responsible consumption, and other environmentally conscious behaviours. By using their platforms to advocate for sustainability, websites can have a positive impact beyond their digital presence.

Gadelles (  This site flies the flag for sustainability by selling preloved items and including messaging about making eco-positive choices on its homepage.


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